The Nation, 4/11 August 2008 and 18/25 August 2008

4/ 11 August-JoAnn Wypijewski introduces her column “Carnal Knowledge,” about the intersection of sex and politics.  The opener is about how sexy Mr & Mrs Barack Obama are.  Subsequent issues of The Nation would report that Wypijewski’s column generates enormous amounts of negative mail from readers. 

18/25 August- Rebecca Traister celebrates the rise of TV newswoman Rachel Maddow.  At about the same time, Alison Bechdel wrote a fan letter to Maddow and put it on the “Dykes to Watch Out For” homepage.  Elvis Costello’s latest album provides David Yaffe with an opportunity to review Costello’s career.

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  1. cymast

     /  October 2, 2008

    Of all the millions of people I find unsexy, the Obamas would be near the top of the list of unsexiness. I don’t get how Palin is considered attractive either.

    Oh wait, it’s the power thing.

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